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Download a piece of music and practice your timing and intonation by playing as part of a duet, trio, quartet, quintet, or a larger group of instruments.

        -   This website is designed as an aid for music rehearsal.
        -   It could enhance your performance confidence.
        -   Develop your instrumental prowess.
        -   Enjoy a range of musical genre.
        -   Download a backing track for your instrument.

We have introduced a new Piano Accompaniment/Backing Tracks genre requested by vocalists to use for rehearsal practice as well as accompanists given short notice of a performance.

There are a variety of songs available on the website and more will follow. The songs can be easily adapted to suit all voice ranges such as slower faster tempo changes and key transpositions.

Adaptations are free of charge after your intitial purchase.

For personalised requirements please email us with the subject of ‘RRrequest edit dynamics’.

The MP3 tracks are written in concert pitch A440 Hz. Please contact us if you would like this transposed (free of charge).

Click in the Free Offers box below to select your free music.

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Free Offers

Away in a Manger (Recorder v) by Kirkpatrick W. J.
(Genre Carols)

Recently Added

Non posso disperar by S.DE.LUCA
(Grade Various Pianoforte + Voice)

Aria. O del mio dolce ardor by Gluck Chistoforo
(Grade 7 Pianoforte)

Come raggio di sol. by Caldara Antonio
(Grade Various Pianoforte + Voice)

Sonata No.2 Op.2 4th movement by Marcello Benedetto
(Grade Various Flute+Piano)

Sonata No.2 Op.2 by Marcello Benedetto
(Grade 5 Pianoforte)

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