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You can stop and start the Mp3 track as often as you like.

You can play the Mp3 track via minijack output headphone socket (found on most portable/desktop/notpad computers), which can then be connected to the output socket on larger amplifiers and speaker sound systems for 128bit (CD) sound quality.

A PDF file of the instrument score is included in the downloadable folder.

The Mp3 tracks are presented in concert pitch A440hz. We can transpose the whole piece of music up or down according to your specification.

Ordering and Delivery

Select and open'View Basket' menu and choose the currency that is appropriate for you and the website will automatically update to that currency.

Select the track combination you want to buy and follow the instructions under the 'View Basket' drop-down label.

The 'All Instrument' ZIP files contains your customised mp3 combination as well as a notated PDF file of your chosen instrumental part.

Secured by PayPal

Once checkout is complete you will then be sent a unique safe download link code that will be valid for 48 hours. If your are unable to download the file within this time or a downlaod fails please contact us by email and we will extend your code time for you.

You will receive a ZIP file which will have a mp3 sound file and a PDF file of your notated instrumental part.

You will receive an automated email receipt as proof of your purchase.

We have a Frequently asked questions page. If you have any other queries please email us or use the contact form on the website.

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