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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that this area will answer all of your questions , but if it doesn't please use the contact page to get in touch.
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Is there a lead in time at the beginning of the music?

What about playback quality?

After I have bought the MP3 can I burn it to a CD or mobile device?

How do I pay?

How do I receive the MP3s?

What does the grading level mean?

Can the tempo of a piece of music be changed?

Some of the key signatures have too many flats or sharps for me. Can you alter the music to a less complicated key signature?

Can you change or add different instruments.

Do you provide the printed score?

Can I download samples and purchase mp3 files onto my phone?

Can you add more verses to the Christmas Carols please?

Can you slow down or speed up the Christmas Carols please?

Can you arrange the Christmas Carols for the Organ?

What about copyright?

There are different files to download for the same piece of music on the ordering page. It is confusing. Which one should I choose?

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