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User Comments

I really like the personal service that you give, and clearly you are conscientious and wish to make your customers happy. That’s a big plus, so thank you.

This looks like a great idea and very usable....I'm forwarding to my daughter who plays guitar to see what she thinks. Dan USA

"Thanks we will definitely use the site again."
Dave from Bradford UK

"Thank you for the great experience with Rehearsal Resources. It was easy and uncomplicated to download and access the music. In our rural area with access to 'in the flesh' pianists only by travelling long distances this website is a real benefit to us. Thanks for putting up the music so quickly as well! It is of a very good quality and nothing of the usual computer generated horrible piano sound. The files are very reasonably priced as well so full recommendation!"
Anne from the UK.

"I've had a quick look at the website and I think it's a brilliant idea and the website is very easy to use. There are just a couple of formatting points that I think would make it all even clearer. For example, once you've searched by a composer, the results could have clearer columns and rows. Additionally, the main body of text on each page seems to be more grey than black, which makes it seem a little temporary, even though the actual content is great. But generally I think it's great and I will pass on your website to anybody I think would find it useful! Best wishes, Hannah "

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