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Trumpet Concerto No1 (1st Movement)

Composer: Hummel J.N.
Genre: Piano Accompaniment Instrumental
Tempo = Allegro con Spirito @ 130 bpm.
Key = Eb major
Time = 4/4
Duration = 8.00 min
Instruments = Trumpet in Bb. Pianoforte.
This piece was added by request. A student needed to practice this piece for an exam (Grade 8 I think). He wanted to rehearse the piece with the Piano accompaniment having previously only practiced the solo Trumpet part. I heard later that he passed his exam. (I like to think I helped him on the way). Pianists have also found their part very useful to practice with. The accompaniment part is demanding and often as someone said accompanists are frequently thrown in the deep end because they may only get one opportunity to play through the piece before a performance. Comments have been made such as, it helped to stop a nervous student playing the piece too fast or, having played through the piece with both instruments several times it led to a more informed performance.
I hope you find it useful.
If you would like a different tempo email the details.


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Trumpet in Bb8 Trumpet Concerto Accompaniment for Trumpet+Sheet Music Trumpet.zipGBP £0.99Add to Basket
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