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Vivaldi A. Concerto in D Minor RV96 Largo 2nd Movement

Composer: Vivaldi. A.
Genre: Orchestra Accompaniment Instrumental
Tempo = Largo @ 55 bpm
Key = Bb Major
Time = 3/4
Duration = 3:01 mins

The second movement of the RV96 transcribed from a score circa 1730. The Keyboard part is of my own interpretation and is not derived from figured bass in the original document. The dynamic instructions I have used on the sheet music do not reflect performance reality. For example on the individual instrumental parts I have had to use double fortissimo markings. The exaggeration of sound levels should help a string/woodwind/keyboard player to hear the other instruments by simulating (as closely as possible) the presence of other live musicians. I have set the beat at 55bpm. I will adjust the tempo to help rehearsals.

It is an exciting piece to play.
Good luck to those of you who can use it.
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All InstrumentsVarious Concerto RV96 Largo 2nd Movement Audio All Instruments + Full Score All Instruments.zipGBP £0.99Add to Basket
Bassoon4 Concerto RV96 Largo 2nd Movement Audio Accompaniment for Bassoon+Sheet Music for Bassoon.zipGBP £0.99Add to Basket
Flute4 Concerto RV96 Largo 2nd Movement Audio Accompaniment for Flute+Sheet Music for Flute.zipGBP £0.99Add to Basket
Harpsichord4 Concerto RV96 Largo 2nd Movement Audio Accompaniment for Keyboard Continuo+Sheet Music for Keyboard Continuo.zipGBP £0.99Add to Basket
Violin4 Concerto RV96 Largo 2nd Movement Audio Accompaniment for Violin+Sheet Music for Violin.zipGBP £0.99Add to Basket
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