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Lucy Campbell (Reel)

Composer: Anon
Genre: Irish Traditional
Tempo = Presto @ 200 bpm
Key = D major
Time = 4/4
Duration = 1.29 min
Instruments = Flute, Tin Whistle, Violin, Percussion.
All folders include the accompaniment Audio Mp3 file for the named instrument.
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InstrumentGrade FilenamePrice
All InstrumentsVarious Lucy Campbell Audio All Instruments.zipGBP £0.99Add to Basket
Flute4 Lucy Campbell Audio Accompaniment for Flute+Sheet Music for Flute.zipGBP £0.99Add to Basket
Tin Whistle4 Lucy Campbell Audio Accompaniment for Tin Whistle+Sheet Music for Tin Whistle.zipGBP £0.99Add to Basket
Violin4 Lucy Campbell Audio Accompaniment for Violin+Sheet Music for Violin.zipGBP £0.99Add to Basket
Audio SampleVarious Eire Lucy Campbell All Instruments (Sample).mp3-Play Sample
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Last Updated February 2014

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